1 In 4 Young Professionals Believe Online Courses From Big Tech Names Will Help Land Their Future Jobs

FutureLearn.com – the global online learning platform with a mission to transform access to education – announces a new relationship with Microsoft, which includes providing students with access to six new technology skills courses in high-demand areas such as data engineering and artificial intelligence.

Research from the online learning platform’s The Future of Learning 2022 report has revealed how high a learner’s demand is among young professionals for such technological skills with almost one in four (24%) people aged 25-34 stating that they are most likely to. look for accredited training from a brand or technology company as their preferred way to learn new skills.

In addition, the majority of 16-24 year olds surveyed chose campus and online courses from tech companies like Microsoft as one of the best ways to improve and get the job they want.

The pursuit of upskilling and reskilling within flourishing sectors such as technology is surprising given the current national economic and employment factors such as “the great resignation”, coupled with the growing trend away from the “work for life”, influencing career choices. This is particularly true with younger professionals, as the FutureLearn report found that both age groups have changed careers the most compared to other age groups since the start of the pandemic (33% of 16-24 year olds and 29% of 25-34 year olds .-year-olds).

Ian McIlwain, VP of Partnerships at FutureLearnsaid: “The Future of Learning report showed that online learning is the preferred way for more than a third of UK adults to gain new skills. We also know that learners on our platform who engage in social learning have six times more more likely to complete a course than those who don’t. Learning online doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. With over 18 million learners from every country in the world on our platform, and in partnership with like-minded partners like Microsoft, we hope to create a unique learning experience that will help professionals across the technology sector gain invaluable career skills.”

Geoff Hirsch, Senior Director, Worldwide Learning Partner Channel team at Microsoftsaid: “The technology sector continues to face both an abundance of new innovations and opportunities, yet an ever-growing skills shortage that needs to be addressed with valuable upskilling and reskilling resources. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with global platforms like FutureLearn, whose unique social learning pedagogy helps foster deeper connections and knowledge sharing between professionals, no matter what stage of their career they are in. Whether you are looking to build new skills to launch your career in technology or you are reskilling to move into the sector, FutureLearn courses aim to equip you with the tools necessary for success.”

The online courses are available to start learning on the FutureLearn platform today, and cover a range of subjects including: Microsoft Azure for Data Engineering, Introduction to Microsoft Power BI + Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI, Azure Fundamentals, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. and Introduction to Azure Architect Technologies. The Microsoft courses on FutureLearn will prepare learners for additional Microsoft Certifications.

The full collection of Microsoft courses is available to view and access on the FutureLearn website here: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/collections/microsoft

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