Depression To Infertility At Young Age: Health Issues That Are Affecting Every Working Women Silently

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We are joined by Dr. Vikram Vora Medical Director of International SOS India, to discuss the health issues which every single woman of today’s society has to face.
Globalization, and its accompanying technological revolution opens the doors for women to greater possibilities in their professional lives. Women are embracing and are excelling in jobs previously held by males. Working in crucial areas in both the organized and non-organized sectors, women are juggling the dual roles of professional as well as household workers. In carrying the weight of these demands their health is the victim that is largely ignored, leading to a variety of physical and mental issues that are having an immense impact. Today, we are joined by us Dr Vikram Vora Medical Director of International SOS India, to discuss the health issues which every woman working in the modern world faces.’Health Remains An Area of Special Concern’

Dr. Vikram Vora states that – The society as a whole and even a lot of health professionals hold the notion that women’s health can be an issue of poor nutrition or possibly inadequate hygiene or poor contraceptive practices. This is a faulty assumption that fails to take into account the many factors that affect women’s lives. their respective lives and eventually in a negative way. When it comes to gender inequality, health is an area of interest. Certain indicators that are gender-specific have seen improvement in the last couple of years, but the improvements are far from being perfect. For instance, women’s life expectancy improved from 1990 to 2001 however, this isn’t the only indicator that’s superior to males!

Well-being and mental health are an area of special importance. Depression anxiety disorders as well as post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) as well as food-related disorders, and more general issues such as discrimination against women at work, sexual harassment caring responsibilities, and domestic violence may cause a dramatic reduction in the severity of psychological illness. Physical events such as menopausal symptoms and post-partum depression are in turn contributing factors. The pressures of family and society of emotional and physical caregiving the roles of mothers, daughters and colleagues, as well as leaders can create more burdens. Lifestyles that are sedentary, especially those with reduced movement and irregular schedules create stress and influence fertility of females and, consequently, cause the escalating effects of depression and anxiety. Many of these issues are hidden because women are hesitant to talk about the issues even less when they are at work.

What Is The Remedy?

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According to Dr. Vikram Vora Dr Vikram Vora, eating habits physical inactivity, workplace ergonomics and changes in physiological parameters that result from changes in sleep patterns and stressful circumstances must be prevented. Health and safety of women are interconnected, and every company must strive to find the source of any issues, evaluate, and fix any issues which may exist. In addition to the prevention of diseases and disorders, promotion of healthy lifestyles has to be supported.Following an outbreak of the Covid epidemic, a substantial part of the female population has quit working. The organizations must take action and develop strategies to help them return. A clearly-defined Health and Wellness Policy in the workplace that places particular emphasis on women employees, is one way to ensure this happens. Regular health examinations, vaccination drives security-conscious travel, advice, and more. are all essential elements of a health policy. The fear of long-term COVID-19 is still haunting nearly 1/3 of the people who contracted the disease, even months after testing negative after recovering. The availability of a clinic on site to address and monitor these health and wellness issues will be extremely beneficial for women who work. The closing of the pandemic might be near, but there is a wider epidemic of mental illness which needs to be dealt with.

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