Five Essential Factors for Achieving Success

I’ve spent over 25 years studying the difference between those who achieve and maintain their success, and those who strive to improve their situation with no success. My research has led me to five aspects that I’ve discovered are present in a certain extent in nearly all successful individuals. In contrast, anyone who fails to perform or isn’t a success is missing at least one of the five factors that are essential and sometimes all five. The path to success doesn’t appear to be achievable without these five elements, no matter how keen an individual is to achieve success , or the many ways they are trying to achieve it.

The Five Essential Factors :

(1) The first element is self-awareness that can only be achieved when we are aware of our character and the impact of our conditioning on our perception. Many people don’t give self-awareness any thought since it seems like the easiest thing that exists in the world. We are all a part of us 24 hours a days all week long. We have access to every thought and emotions as well as our secrets. Who is able to be more knowledgeable than us you think? Wrong. A study of seven years carried out by a team of researchers from NaviCore International, Inc. an organization that focuses on the study and growth of human performance and potential and performance, revealed that the majority of the population does not possess adequate self-awareness. Utilizing an analytical tool, that is called the CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile that helps to identify genuine traits and the effects of conditioning NaviCore International found that 84 percent of the American population is not sufficiently self-aware to be able to accurately report on the typical tests. Why? because conditioning generally starts at birth and continues to influence us in ways that we don’t realize. We are deeply conditioned as kids to conform to expectations of our families and communities that when we are adults all we’re capable of seeing is the mask that we wore as children and continue to wear.

If we believe that the mask represents who we really are and base our life choices on this false perception that we are often setting ourselves to live a life of battle. People who operate in accordance with the mask they have been conditioned to wear instead of their true nature basically swimming in the turbulent river of life striving to meet the demands of life instead of flowing along the river of life in harmony with the nature of their being. If we’ve been separated from our natural instincts and our true nature, life becomes challenging. In the sense that we are in harmony with instead of against nature, life can be enjoyable and fulfilling.

If you’re not content and satisfied with the person you are and not necessarily where you are in your life but the person you really are, then you are likely to aren’t aware enough of yourself. I say this with total conviction because over the past the 25 years I have worked with others, I’ve neverssed witne a single person who is not happy with their authentic persona.

(2) The other factor is the healthy development of natural characteristics, which translate into the ability to communicate and improve overall. The traits of any normal human being are readily available to all of us, and they all have their value, but for us certain traits are energizing and stimulate us while others can be draining and difficult to maintain. The traits we value by nature are the ones that are easy to maintain for long lengths of time. They feed our souls and provide a lot of enthusiasm, energy and motivation. We learn skills and develop abilities that are based on naturally desirable traits quickly, and are extremely effective in making use of these traits. The traits we don’t like tend to be the most difficult. They consume us with energy, and the majority of us resist actions that require long-term use of these traits.

The improvement of our behaviors to healthy levels and the knowledge that allows us to utilize them in the correct sequence is what creates passion and a healthy level Emotional Intelligence to grow. Emotional Intelligence also known as EQ is the capacity to manage one’s emotions, manage pressures, and hold off on gratification to reap long-term benefits. The term was coined through Daniel Goleman in his book with the same title. He was the lead researcher on numerous research projects and has accumulated an extensive amount of evidence suggesting the idea that EQ is the most reliable indicator of success in work, life and in relationships.

(3) The 3rd aspect is healthy boundaries for personal life. Similar to EQ healthy personal boundaries cannot be achieved until we’re fully aware of ourselves. To establish healthy boundaries, it is necessary to be able to discern our own truth and differentiate it from the masses of fiction given to us about us. It is also important to be aware of the our actions and behaviors are and will not accept from others and from ourselves. To establish healthy boundaries within our own lives individuals should be able to define and state four points that are best written in the present tense, first person; (1) I am, (2) I am not, (3) I will accept myself and others , and (4) I do not accept.

(4) The fourth is self-confidence. element. It makes us believe that we’re capable of reaching the goals we have set for ourselves. With no self-confidence, many goals are without being achieved because we’re scared and averse to risk. Confidence is the result of knowing that is backed by correct experiences and reinforced through positive reinforcement. Similar to factors 2, 3 and 4 we need to have an accurate perception of ourselves before we can feel confident about ourselves. Without self-awarenessand awareness, our internal compass may be working but we aren’t sure what it is, so we you’re lost. It is difficult to be confident when you feel lost.

(5) The final element is self-esteem. This tells us that we’re worth the effort needed to reach the goals we set and achieve our goals. The path to success generally involves a certain amount of effort , and the only way to remain focused is if we believe that we are worthy of the effort needed to achieve our objectives. Self-confidence, or the conviction that we are worthy of the effort is necessary for success. Without it, we buy some books go to workshops, buy fitness memberships or set those New Years resolutions, seek for a coach first, and after that another, but do not do anything. If we don’t believe that we’re worthy of the effort, we’ll not continue to put in the work.

Self-esteem cannot be achieved until the other four elements are present. We need to know who we are in order to decide what is important to us. Likewise, we must be aware of what matters to find our passion and motivation (self-awareness). We must possess the power and resources within us to face the challenges of life (healthy development of our natural characteristics/EQ). We need to keep our eyes on the ball with purpose and integrity to avoid the agendas of other people from dragging us off track and sabotaging our efforts (personal limits). We need to believe that we will meet our goals before we are willing to pursue these goals (self-confidence) and believe that we are worthy of the effort (self self-esteem).

When these five elements is in place the specific knowledge will give the instruments needed to successfully navigate the path you’ve chosen – after but not before. If the information on how to make money, HOW to stay healthy and fit or even how to create excellent relationships were enough to be a reality, then we can all go through a handful of good books and become the person we always thought we could be. Yet, despite having a wealth of seminars, books, tapes and other resources. to choose from, many people don’t achieve success any extent that they would like. The internal work needs to be accomplished first. If it’s not done then we’re just doing nothing and spending our time and money.

For the majority of people, the best method of overcoming the old ways and habits of working is to locate a reliable mentor or hire a qualified coach. Athletes, award winning actors and other top performers would never dream of going without a coach. Neither do you if you’re committed to success. Make sure that your coach is able to guide you through the five essential elements to success. Without them, you can do a lot of work but you’ll never achieve much. With them in place , you will be able to make leaps and bounds. The previous work you’ve completed will be available for immediate use. Any subsequent coaching will yield significant, long-lasting improvements.

You have now the five fundamental elements. Make the necessary steps to build these factors and you will be successful. Find your core values as your true passion and it will be evident. Find your passion, and the desire to fulfill that it will propel you towards your goals nearly instantly. Get moving towards your goals, and your sense of self will get stronger and healthier as you’ll start to see successes. When your self-esteem increases and your achievements grow, your confidence in yourself and self-esteem will rise and you’ll not allow opinions from others to influence you. It’s a beautiful spiral that starts with you (the authentic you) and concludes with joy and achievement.


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