Foods and Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy


The announcement of a baby is a welcome sign for couples who are expecting a baby to be. A newborn human being growing from conception to birth, needs the right care and attention.

Although this is a good thing but it could cause anxiety and confusion that can take over the excitement of having children over the long term.

Some of the worries that arise during pregnancy could be due to everyday issues like the diet followed by a mother-to-be. If you’re expecting to have a baby, what foods are you advised to avoid in order to protect your baby, and why should you stay clear of these foods?

  • Pate

Avoid all pates which include vegetable pates because they may contain listeria.

  • Raw or partially cooked eggs

egg with egg on white ceramic plate
Be sure to cook eggs well cooked to the point that the yolks and whites are firm. This reduces the chance of food poisoning caused by salmonella. Do not eat food items that have raw or undercooked eggs, for example, homemade mayonnaise. If you are looking to cook dishes with raw eggs or eggs that have been partially cooked you should consider making use of liquid eggs that have been pasteurized. Do not use dirty or cracked eggs.

  • Raw shellfish

Choose cooked over raw shellfish because it could be contaminated with harmful viruses and bacteria which can cause food poisoning, and also have a the highest risk of contamination.

  • Salads that are pre-packaged

Pre-packaged or prepared vegetable or fruit salads such as those served at buffets and salad bars are more prone to contamination with listeria.

  • Certain fruits and vegetables


Do not eat rockmelon due to the possibility of listeria or bean sprouts because of salmonella.

  • Alcohol

There is no limit to the amount of alcohol you could be drinking during pregnancy. If you’re expecting, nursing or pregnant it is not the best option since alcohol can harm the unborn baby.

  • Bean sprouts

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This includes alfalfa and radish beans. The shells are cracked, which provides potholes that allow for entry into the inside of the seeds for bacteria like E.Coli. Referring to the Food and Drug Administration, raw sprouts aren’t safe for pregnant mothers to consume.


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