Hybrid Working: The Best Of Both Worlds?

Should you work from an office? Or do you allow employees to work from home? How about both? Hybrid working is a business model that is becoming more popular, allowing employees to work from home on certain days while coming into the office on other days.

Work-from-home days may be designated. Alternatively, employees can choose when they work from home, as long as they work a certain number of days in the office each month.

What are the advantages of a hybrid working model? This post details some of the biggest benefits and why you might want to consider adopting this system for your business.

Freedom to focus and collaborate

Hybrid work is good for concentration and collaboration.

When it comes to work that requires a lot of focus and minimal interruptions, employees have the option of working from home. While home life has its distractions, studies show that most employees find it so easier to concentrate at home where they have no chatty colleagues to fight against.

Meanwhile, for tasks that require a lot of collaboration like brainstorming or consultation sessions, employees have the option to come into the office and talk to people in person. Although there are many online tools to enable collaboration working remotely, there are still many situations when in-person collaboration cannot be replaced.

A chance to be closer to or away from home life

Working from home allows people to spend more time with family by cutting off commuting. It also makes it easier to take time off for household commitments such as picking up children from school, walking dogs or letting handymen in to carry out household maintenance tasks such as repairs and maintenance.

At the same time, employees can leave home on certain days so they don’t feel too indoors. This makes it easier to create boundaries between home life and work life.

Company growth without having to expand the office

Hybrid working can also allow companies to grow without having to expand to a larger office. Since not every employee will be in the office at the same time, you don’t need a desk for every employee and can share desks to save space.

This could mean more options when it comes down to it office for rent, and cheaper office running costs. All in all, it’s a great way to grow your company without spending too much in the process.

Ability to monitor employees and give them space

A hybrid work model also allows you to keep an eye on employees while also giving them space to work independently. You can use the days they are in the office to reach out and discuss any concerns you or they may have. Meanwhile, you can let them work on the days they are at home. It’s a great way to ensure a healthy balance between managing and empowering employees.

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