Is Getting Braces Worth It?

Braces are not just to enhance your smile. A lot of people believe that having braces is merely for cosmetics or aesthetics of your appearance. However, what we want to explain is that crooked teeth could directly be linked to the excessive wear and wear on your teeth, which can could lead to cracked teeth as well as chips in your teeth.

Additionally, crooked teeth could result in tooth decay and gingivitis. You might think that this is a good thing, but it’s actually because when teeth are not straight, there are more areas for plaque to build up and be missed while brushing or flossing.

Additionally, a lot of sufferers have jaw problems that can be described as underbites, overbites or crossbites. Several dental problems may result from these malalignments. For instance, excessive bites can cause pain in the jaw because your mouth isn’t able to take a bite of food as it should. The jaw could be able to ensure that food is sufficiently chewed to swallow it. This could lead to TMJ disorder. Like crooked teeth, overbites, underbites and crossbites can cause teeth wear, and in some cases when overbites, specifically the upper teeth create an angle where the lower teeth are rubbing against them, causing that the teeth below to break down to form a wedge-shaped biting surface, which is similar to it sounds and isn’t functional or appealing.

Finally, bite misalignments could make you more at chance of suffering from tooth injuries. It is due to your teeth being too tight correctly, particularly if your top teeth of the front are placed more prominently, every bite could result in them breaking or even knock them out.

Therefore, it’s always advised to align your teeth and correct any bite issues before they adversely impacts the overall health of your teeth. It’s not just about cosmetics or appearance with straight teeth , it’s about your overall health.

The safest way to correct your smile is by using traditional braces or aligners. Both are advised under the supervision by your dental professional or your orthodontist and we must mention that it’s not safe to try DIY teeth aligners at home.

However, it is important to understand that every patient and each mouth is unique. In certain instances, there may be people who aren’t eligible for dental liners, and traditional braces may be suggested instead. In the event that you make your teeth move fast and the roots become resorbed it could cause tooth movement and loose teeth that can cause loss of teeth. It’s why it is to visit your dentist if you’re looking into teeth aligners.

Additionally, straightening your teeth does just improve the aesthetic look of your teeth, it can also provide you with a variety of health benefits , including the prevention of gum disease and cavities. This is due to giving yourself more space to floss, brush and clean between your teeth, reducing the chance for missing areas.

Additionally, straightening your teeth may also enhance the ability of your mouth to chew food, reduce speech disorders, and decrease grinding, which can lead to broken teeth. Orthodontics can also help with issues with alignment issues of your lower and upper jaws, which could prevent TMJ problems.

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