Purple Aura Meaning: 18 Personality Traits

Are you curious about what a purple aura means and what implications it has for your personality?

In this article, we will explain the 18 most common personality traits of purple-aura people.

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Purple Aura Meaning
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What is an Aura?

The human body is made up of countless cells, each emitting energy at a slow frequency. Encapsulating our physical form is ethereal—our Aura—which pulsates at a much higher rate than our cells and Functions similar to Earth’s atmosphere do.

Every bodily form on the planet is enveloped by an aura, which is a field of energy or light. Auras come in various shades and are unique to each person. The shade of your aura reveals a lot about your health, both mental and physical. Your spiritual state can be reflected in your aura, which can change at any moment.

What Does Purple Aura Mean?

A purple aura is associated with high spiritual awareness, psychic ability and a deep connection to the subconscious.

Those who have a predominant purple aura are often very intuitive and have a great understanding of the spiritual realm. They are also incredibly imaginative and creative.

This color means that the person is in touch with their higher purpose and fully aware of their spiritual nature.

Purple Auras tune in easily to the feelings, emotions and auras of others.

How Do I Know My Aura Color?

The best way to find out about your unseen energy field is to have an aura reading session with an intuitive or psychic you trust. There are people who can feel or see your aura colors. They may be able to do this through energy testing.

Some people try to use their intuition to figure out their aura color. This is best for people who are already in touch with their psychic abilities. To do this, close your eyes imagine, and feel what color you think your aura might be.

If you are not sure, it is better to consult an expert. 😉

There are also specialized cameras that can capture your aura color.

Your Aura Color Can Change

Even though we usually have a primary aura color (main color), it is important to know that your aura colors can change.

There are different aura colors such as: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, pink, purple or brown.

Your aura colors depend on the following factors:

  • life circumstances
  • emotional state
  • physical health
  • environmental influences
  • etc.

There is a way to change the color of your aura (aura turns purple). This could be especially useful if you find out that you have a darker or duller shade to your color.

You can change your aura color by changing your habits and lifestyle.

Often a break is very useful to think:

  • where am i in life
  • do I feel fulfilled & happy?
  • what gives me meaning?
  • how much do I follow the things that give me meaning?
  • how much do i care about myself?

Any physical exercise, yoga, meditation time or spending time outside is very helpful in influencing your aura color and the different shades of purple.

aura chakra difference

18 Personality Traits Of Purple Aura Personalities

The color purple stands for these 18 most common personality traits:

  1. very sensitive
  2. very intuitive
  3. decent
  4. contemplative
  5. natural empaths
  6. active imagination
  7. inner knowledge
  8. adjust easily to others
  9. capacity for personal growth
  10. absorbing information around them
  11. a high degree of empathy
  12. open awareness
  13. no self-promotions
  14. sometimes problems setting healthy boundaries
  15. intense intuition
  16. takes enough alone time to recharge
  17. often devotion
  18. meaning is more important than money

Different Shades Of Purple Auras

Here are some examples of different purple aura shades that can occur throughout the color spectrum of a purple-energy person. Generally, there are multiple layers of different aura colors.

Purple Violet Aura Meaning
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Violet Aura

The highest and most spiritually attuned of all colors, violet auras represent the development of psychic ability and are known as the “wisdom ray.” It activates the crown chakra and connects us with our higher selves.

A violet aura person is very creative and really in tune with their emotions. People who meditate or practice yoga often have a violet aura. This happens because they honor their body and mind by keeping them healthy. People with a violet aura usually have a strong intuition that comes from their connection to their higher self.

Lavender Aura

Lavender is a light purple color that is associated with spirituality and intuition. People with a lavender aura are often introspective and very sensitive. They are often very compassionate and have a deep understanding of the human condition.

People with a lavender aura often have a strong connection to nature.

Dark Crimson Aura or Dull Crimson

A dark purple aura may mean that you are going through a difficult time in your life. It could mean that you are in a difficult situation, or it could mean that you have made a decision that is not in line with what you really want.

Take some time to reflect on your life and ask yourself what decisions you make that bring instant gratification. Do you make decisions that feel right, or are they based on what you truly believe?


Indigo or dark blue purple personalities combine the positive attributes of blue aura and purple aura people. They are very good communicators and have an awareness of their own emotions.

They are also able to calculate risk and assist others in analyzing emotional patterns.

If you find any of these aspects to be accurate, try to focus more on being honest and accepting yourself. All emotions are okay and have their purpose. Accepting them and making room for them, instead of pushing them away, can make a big difference in your life. Try to be proud to express your sensitivity and imagination.

Purple Aura Meaning & Connection To The Crown Chakra

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies. The crown chakra is often referred to as the purple aura chakra.

The crown chakra means

  • knowledge
  • understanding
  • spiritual connection

A balanced crown chakra allows us to be open to new ideas and experience a sense of Oneness with nature, the world and the people around us.

The purple aura personalities of other chakras have a strong connection to the following:

  • heart chakra
  • third eye chakra
  • solar plexus chakra

Challenges for Purple Aura Personalities

People with purple auras tend to struggle with:

  • setting boundaries
  • too much self-sacrifice
  • feeling overwhelmed in crowds

People with purple auras often find it difficult to disconnect from the energy field of others. They are so naturally in tune with the energy of others that they can lose themselves at times. That’s why if you have a purple aura, it’s important to give yourself enough alone time to recharge.

Purple Aura Meaning In Love and Relationships

Here are some aspects purple aura people might have in relationships and love:

  • yearn for a deep connection
  • need a soul connection
  • good listeners
  • positive energy
  • very loving and giving
  • can get lost in a relationship

Feel lucky if you have a purple aura. You have a lot to give.

Just make sure you set healthy boundaries for yourself and accept your partner’s boundaries as well.

Give your partner space and also take space for yourself. Enough time and self-care for me is very healthy for a purple aura personality.

Crimson Aura Psychic Abilities
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Purple Aura Meaning In Work and Career

The empathetic and compassionate nature of people with a purple aura often leads them to successful careers such as:

  • Social Workers
  • Teachers
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sales
  • Therapists
  • Coaches
  • middlemen
  • Spirit Guides

Purple auras are natural in positions where social interactions are important. They have a natural ability to tune in to others and immediately understand what the other side needs. Purpose is more important than money to purple auras.

They love creative projects and easily understand the bigger picture of things.


People with purple auras are empathetic and compassionate, and they give a lot to others. That is why they are often the “glue” in groups and in society as a whole. They understand others and are very easy to talk to. People naturally trust them. Their spiritual insights and spiritual energy often elevate the people around them.

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