Waking Up

Imagine this. You’re in the crowd during a hypnosis event. A person who has been hypnotized is on stage. is being instructed by the hypnotist it’s not his favorite spectacle, that he’s never being hypnotized and that it’s like there’s an invisibly wall the front of him, which is preventing him from going off the stage. When the time is right, the subject is able to jump up, shouts at the hypnotist, then starts to scream at the hypnotist. However, he hits the wall, and then recoils in anger at this obstruction. The hypnotist informs him that it’s his choice to leave but he’s not able to. The hypnotist questions him whether he’s been hypnotized and responds, “Of course not!” “Then you must go away,” says the hypnotist. But he’s not able to. “What’s holding you back?” is the hypnotist’s question. “There’s an obstruction,” cries the volunteer. “There’s none,” claims the hypnotist. His words are heard by unheeded ears. The illusion is more convincing than the reality. However the subject insists the subject is fully awake.

Another person is presented with an onion and informed that it’s the best fruit he’s ever eaten. He munches it happily, commenting on its delectable sweetness.

What are the connections between these stories to the reality we live in? What is the likelihood that we’re all hypnotized, locked behind invisible walls that only exist in our minds? If our values were affected by hypnotic programming, and that the things we believed we deserve was an outcome of the process of hypnosis. What would we do to know this? Is it possible the belief that we’re awake and aware is based on an inaccurate understanding of reality? If so, how do be we dispel the illusion to realize the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us? What can we do to discover and realize what we truly desire, and not be swayed by the desires that are hypnotically forced upon us, and then be totally engaged in the world? What can we do to wake up?

What is it to be attracted?

The most basic explanation we use for hypnotists is that our mind can be split between conscious and subconscious component. It is the conscious part that comprises the part of our thoughts that we are conscious of, while our subconscious is the part of our thoughts that’s not in our conscious. It is the latter, or the subconscious that is more crucial in deciding our behavior. which means that we are able to make important choices about what we should do and how to engage in our world in ways that aren’t easy to fully comprehend or think about at a conscious level. The way that those thoughts were able to be absorbed into our subconscious minds is an effect of the process of hypnosis.

If you’re not sure on yourself, you’re afraid of clowns or are you a chain smoker You can be told by someone to believe in yourself, or to think that clowns aren’t frightening or that smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health. There’s a good chance that someone has tried to instruct you on what to think or do previously, but it’s not been successful. What’s the reason? It’s because the message was communicating to the conscious brain. In order to make an impact messages must be able to penetrate the subconscious mind. this requires methods to bypass your conscious brain. Imagine the conscious part of your mind as a guardian that guards the subconscious. It will only allow thoughts to pass through that are in line with what you believe. To allow the new beliefs it is necessary to put the mind to fall asleep. This is the method I use.

It’s the way you’ve been treated by your teachers, parents as well as your mentors and society as a whole. If your guard wasn’t on duty, or when you weren’t old enough or naive to resist the system, information was pushed into your unconscious mind. This was done without affecting your critical faculties, that part of your conscious mind that blocks unneeded information. Therefore, without your knowledge or consent you were hypnotized which means that your mind is filled with things you never think of and probably don’t wish to. Which are the things that we’ve been conditioned to be believing? Everything starts with who we are relationship to the world around us, to what we’d like to achieve and deserve and the things we’re capable of achieving. Sometimes, these aspects get in conflict and the result is suffering. As an example, you could be feeling that you’d like to be wealthy but feel you’re not worthy of it or you’re not capable of attaining it. This could cause a lot of psychological suffering so you remained in your subconscious program remains intact, you’ll be unable to conquer the suffering.

Why don’t we feel hypnotized?

Do fishes see the waters in which they swim? No, of course it doesn’t. The environment that we are in as well as have been living since the time we acquired conscious perception is not visible to us. We assume that hypnosis ought to look in a certain manner, which is why we overlook all evidence to show that we are hypnotized. It’s not like something. It’s simply a way of being controlled. That’s it.

One of my most favorite stories involves a child who sneaks into his grandfather’s room and sprays Limburger cheese, which is a very unpleasant cheese, onto the mustache of his grandfather while asleep. After waking the grandfather smells it at the cheese, pauses for a second, and declares, “This room smells like Limburger cheese!” He gets out of the room and walks throughout the home, stating that every room smells just like Limburger cheese. Then, he walks out onto the patio and sniffs. He then tears, “Oh, my God all the world is smelling like Limburger cheese!”

I have read somewhere that we perceive the world not in its entirety but rather as we see it. Much like that grandfather from my tale, what we actually see is actually emanating from all that surrounds us. The trance we’re in is so powerful and powerful that we are unable of discerning the reality. It may sound like negative news, but the fact our existence in state of trance will allow us to be free. If we’re trapped by our subconscious commitment to a false belief and it’s the conscious realization of that truth that will eventually set us free. Gurdjieff the renowned philosopher, stated “The first step to free yourself from prison is to realize that your own prison.”

What is life like after hypnosis?

The absence of hypnosis can be an existence of liberation. Buddhist concepts of freedom and enlightenment stem from the notion that we’re experiencing illusions, and thatonce we’re free from this illusion, we can are able to experience happiness, joy and enthusiasm, love, empathy, as well as a variety of other virtues that we’ve been looking for in other places. It’s possible to experience freedom from our illusions and awake from our tranceand be free of hypnosis.

As this possibility is looming our faces The wise person has the option of committing his or her time to the quest for awakening. I encourage my clients to study techniques like meditation and mindfulness to benefit from their benefits. A lot of resources are available today to help us overcome the excuses that we’ve made to justify not getting started like tapes, books and even classes.

The reason you’ve likely used to justify your inability to follow these steps is valid or even a valid excuse. Regardless of what obstacle you believe is preventing you from implementing these techniques It’s not worth risking your own health. Through learning the techniques for transformation, we’ll start to awaken and start fresh and live the life we’re supposed to live.


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