Women’s monthly cycles makes them more creative

In the course of many decades of their lives , they’re an annual occurrence for women, and many complaining and even fearing their menstrual cycles. Menstrual cramps can cause intense anxiety and mood shifts. However, our cycles during the month can be more beneficial. Polish researchers have discovered that ovulation could be an opportunity for… the ability to think creatively.

A rise in libido levels; clearer and greater vaginal flow, a rising the body temperatures… The ovulation can be often accompanied by less or more uncomfortable physical symptoms. Katarzyna Galasinska, and Aleksandra Szymkow, scientists from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland, have discovered an advantage in this stage of menstrual cycle. It’s the perfect moment when you can let your mind go free, as they say in a study that was recently released in Frontiers in Psychology.

In order to reach this conclusion researchers asked 72 women aged between 18 and 35 years old to complete various tasks during the ovulatory, follicular and the luteal phase during their menstrual cycles. They were not breastfeeding, pregnant or on hormonal contraceptives in the course of the research. In one instance the participants were asked to think of as many diverse and unique ways to make use of everyday objects like a shoe bottles or towels as they could. Within less than 5 minutes.

Independent raters assessed their scores on three elements associated with creativity the ability to communicate (speed as well as quantity) as well as flexibility and creativity. After reviewing the outcomes, Katarzyna Galasinska and Aleksandra Szymkow discovered that women who ovulated were more creative than women who were not ovulating..

Researchers suggested that creativity could be an “mental ornament” that manifests itself as the mating process. “Being enhanced in the fertile stage that occurs in the cycle the ability to be original may increase the attraction of a partner and could result in conception. However, it could be a factor in encouraging intrasexual competition, which can discourage rivals.” They wrote in their paper.

While the study was based on just a few participants, it does suggest that there are new areas of inquiry in the field of menstrual cycles. Although we frequently discuss the discomforts of menstrual flow, having a comprehensive knowledge of the menstrual cycle can be beneficial. “So perhaps, keeping track of the ovulatory cycle could aid women in understanding their mindset and connect to it.” Katarzyna Galasinska told the specialized publication PsyPost.

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